By Sarah Becker

It’s the digital media age, and visual communication is on the rise for making yourself, brand and message stand out. However, learning how to use the software requires patience, time and a good teacher.


Being a public relations student with minimal experience in Adobe software, I was grateful that Loyola PRSSA hosted Web Designer Ann Hagner from Walker Sands Communications to teach us the basics of graphic design to create business cards and a resume. She gave us an overview of InDesign, teaching us how to craft a card that will make us stand out to an employer during networking opportunities and the inevitable job search.

In addition to personally designing a business card, I learned the importance of creativity. Choosing between colors, fonts, pictures and backgrounds felt like putting together little pieces of a big puzzle to brand myself. And it was fun! Every public relations student has a different background and their own ambitions, so I enjoyed searching through the options to find the perfect representation of my story.


After working with InDesign for only an hour and a half, I feel a little more equipped with the knowledge needed for a career in public relations. I’m looking forward to designing more!

Bummed you couldn’t make it? Click here to view the Ann’s presentation! 

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