By Ellie Bonin

This summer, I had the opportunity of interning at Neuger Communications Group in Minneapolis, MN. Neuger is a smaller firm with a variety of clients that I was able to work with. From education to engineering to manufacturing, they do it all! My daily tasks usually included market research for press releases or social media, proofing different document including brochures and press releases, creating meeting agendas, and utilizing WordPress to make changes to a client’s website.

Neuger has two offices, and are based in Northfield, MN, but I spent my time at their newest office in the North Loop of Minneapolis. I worked alongside another intern and a few other colleagues on a daily basis. Since it was such a small team at my office, I loved collaborating with them during projects whether it be brainstorming or proof reading. Since I was able to work with others, I got more hands on experience than I ever could have hoped for.

Since I often worked on many projects a day from a variety of industries, I had to ensure I was thinking and working like the client. Writing a press release for an engineering company and creating social media for an elementary school includes different language, tone, and overall message. Being able to change these elements of writing definitely took practice, but improved my skills as a writer. Working with a variety of clients gave me a broader understanding of how to write for a specific industry and how communications plays a role in a given industry.

At some point in my life whether it be a profession or hobby, I want to work with a non-profit directed at helping those in need, specifically within education. I got the opportunity to go to a photo shoot for a non-profit aiming to improve the quality of life for youth, families, and seniors. Neuger Communications Group was updating their website and needed new photos of youth and senior programs hosted by the non-profit. I tagged along with one of the photographers and communications counselors to go to these programs and capture the joy the non-profit creates for others. I loved interacting with others to tell them why we were there and learn more about the programs. One of the reasons I enjoyed this so much was because I was to see how this website update will benefit those in need.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at Neuger Communications Group this summer. I was nervous going into it only have completed one year of college, but I would encourage others to dive in and learn and experience as much as you can when given the opportunity. After working at a smaller firm doing real work for real clients, I can’t imagine spending my summer any other way. I gained so many new skills and insights that will definitely help me in my future within public relations.

IMG_1056Me with the other Neuger Communications Group Interns!

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