by Evan Mimms

In May 2017, I became a Corporate Communications Intern at CNO Financial Group. CNO Financial Group is middle-income America’s valued financial security partner. They provide health insurance, life insurance, and retirement solutions via their three companies: Bankers Life, Colonial Penn, and Washington National. My daily tasks included writing and editing content, designing and executing graphics, competitor research and analysis, new intranet development, and using content management systems.  

CNO has home offices in Chicago, Carmel, Ind., and Philadelphia and counts on insurance agents across the country to sell their products, but also sells some products directly to the consumer. I worked with a lot of departments and employees on many projects, spread across all three locations. It was an amazing experience to collaborate on diverse projects including but not limited to development of a revamped intranet system, drafting and posting announcements for other departments, and analytics. The internship taught me a little bit of everything.

CNO Financial Group Interns

I am headed into my senior year at Loyola University Chicago with more clarity on what I would like to pursue. Last year I had a class, Public Service Communications, where we had a McDonald’s corporate communications expert come in to speak about the differences between corporate and agency communications. After my experience on the corporate side, I want to pursue an internship/job at a communications agency to figure out where I ultimately want to end up.

With 18 credit hours, internship/fellowship applications, PRSSA, and Inigo Communications, I’m looking at a crazy semester. I can’t wait to embrace this challenge and prepare for a long and successful career in communications.

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