A Month in PRSSA

As a freshman at Loyola University Chicago, there are many opportunities to get involved on campus. Despite the strong urge to join all 100 clubs and organizations that sound intriguing, the reality is, you aren’t able to. In the process of weeding through the clubs and activities that Loyola has to offer, our campus’ Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, commonly known as PRSSA, stood out to me. Just one month after joining I have realized the great resources this organizations provides me. Continue reading “A Month in PRSSA”

Get Them at Hello: Some Simple Business Wardrobe Advice

No matter what industry you are going to be working in, making a good impression is heavily determined upon what you are wearing. After our recent event with Erika Von Borcke, a Public Relations manager at Bloomingdales, we got some great insight on how students can look their best every day. She was able to shed some light on how students can build up their wardrobe to include some business basics to be worn to interviews and other networking events. Erika described ways in which people can invest in the basics and still find ways to communicate their individual voice when dressing for such occasions. Continue reading “Get Them at Hello: Some Simple Business Wardrobe Advice”

Nine Strategies for PR Students Looking for Their First Job

By senior year, the thoughts of most college students turn to finding that first job. In a tough economy, many PR graduates are thinking about finding ANY job in public relations.

Here are nine insights for PR students about how they can stand out in a crowded job market. It’s never too early to start. Continue reading “Nine Strategies for PR Students Looking for Their First Job”

Loyola’s Career Development Center Presents: The Annual Job Shadow Program

Ever thought about what it would be like to shadow a company member for a day? Now you can! Engage in an exciting opportunity to observe the day to day business operations of an industry, business, and/or job function next year through the annual Job Shadow Program. The Career Development at Center at Loyola encourages undergrads to participate in this job-shadowing experience to ask questions and gain a unique understanding in the field of interest. Participants will also be able to meet key players of an organization, sit in on staff meetings, assist with projects and more. Continue reading “Loyola’s Career Development Center Presents: The Annual Job Shadow Program”

Three Opportunities to Better Your PR Writing Skills Before Graduation

writing-skills-3d-man-featuredThe PR Industry isn’t getting any less competitive for recent graduates. Human Resource departments are receiving thousands of qualified applicants for the few opportunities available. It seems impossible to stand out among the large stack of resumes and cover letters, but focusing on mastering your writing skills before graduation could set you apart. Continue reading “Three Opportunities to Better Your PR Writing Skills Before Graduation”

That Last Minute Summer Job is Still Out There

Although some of us are well into our summer jobs, internships and class curriculums, some may still be looking for that last minute job or internship. You might think that all opportunities are already long gone since we are well into the summer months, but many companies are still looking for new hires or are already pursuing candidates for the fall. Continue reading “That Last Minute Summer Job is Still Out There”

The Value of Analytics for PR Practitioners

Image courtesy of Google

Analytics are possibly the most important pieces of information in the digital world. Analytics measure the impact of a website. How many people are visiting the web page? What drives new people to page? What pages are visited the most? All of these questions and more are answered by analytics. The data is important for a public relations practitioners so they are able to track the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. The use of analytics is an impactful way to  demonstrate to CEOs, as well as financial stakeholders, that the work PR practitioners are doing is important and valuable. Continue reading “The Value of Analytics for PR Practitioners”

Making an Easy Transition into a New Workplace

As the excitement of finishing finals comes to an end, many are taking on new internships and jobs for the summer months. The transition into a new workplace can be a difficult time for anyone in any field. There are new faces and names to remember, unfamiliar surroundings and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities that can be intimidating during the first few weeks. If you’re feeling a little uneasy about your new position, be sure to remember these helpful tips to overcome your new workplace anxiety and become confident and comfortable with your coworkers and workspace. Continue reading “Making an Easy Transition into a New Workplace”