Public Relations #Goals

By Alison Krakowiak

When I picture my life five years from now killing it in the public relations world, I see very important people and fabulous office spaces with good views and really cool chairs.

But why wait five years?

Last week, I found myself at the top of the Crain Communications building, a high-rise on Michigan Avenue, looking out at Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago through floor-to-ceiling windows in a conference room with marble tables and really nice chairs (#Goals). Continue reading “Public Relations #Goals”

How to Use Social Media Correctly

Our millennial generation is completely consumed with social media. One rarely encounters someone who doesn’t use some form of social media. We believe we’re social media experts, skeptical of anyone who believes otherwise. Yet, we might not be as qualified as we would like to think. Basic practices we tend to forgo are what social media practitioners utilize daily to stay active, influential and popular online. See below for a few easy tips to better your social media practices and truly become the social media expert you believe yourself to be.

Continue reading “How to Use Social Media Correctly”

A Month in PRSSA

As a freshman at Loyola University Chicago, there are many opportunities to get involved on campus. Despite the strong urge to join all 100 clubs and organizations that sound intriguing, the reality is, you aren’t able to. In the process of weeding through the clubs and activities that Loyola has to offer, our campus’ Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, commonly known as PRSSA, stood out to me. Just one month after joining I have realized the great resources this organizations provides me. Continue reading “A Month in PRSSA”

Get Them at Hello: Some Simple Business Wardrobe Advice

No matter what industry you are going to be working in, making a good impression is heavily determined upon what you are wearing. After our recent event with Erika Von Borcke, a Public Relations manager at Bloomingdales, we got some great insight on how students can look their best every day. She was able to shed some light on how students can build up their wardrobe to include some business basics to be worn to interviews and other networking events. Erika described ways in which people can invest in the basics and still find ways to communicate their individual voice when dressing for such occasions. Continue reading “Get Them at Hello: Some Simple Business Wardrobe Advice”

Making an Easy Transition into a New Workplace

As the excitement of finishing finals comes to an end, many are taking on new internships and jobs for the summer months. The transition into a new workplace can be a difficult time for anyone in any field. There are new faces and names to remember, unfamiliar surroundings and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities that can be intimidating during the first few weeks. If you’re feeling a little uneasy about your new position, be sure to remember these helpful tips to overcome your new workplace anxiety and become confident and comfortable with your coworkers and workspace. Continue reading “Making an Easy Transition into a New Workplace”